First Impression Fridays: Sorority Noise

After casually listening to them off and on for a couple months, I decided to pick Sorority Noise for my first “First Impression Friday”. I figured it would be the perfect time to buckle down and listen to them more extensively as I’ve been hearing about them non-stop in lieu of their new record You’re Not as _________ as You Think being released a couple weeks ago.

When I started listening, I started off with their newest album because of all the good things I had been reading about it on twitter, or hearing from my friends. I had this image of the band from the few other songs I had listened to in the past, but their newest record totally blew my image out of the water. I had known their music was emotional in the way that most pop punk music is, but You’re Not as _________ as You Think is entirely different; you can feel the raw emotion that went into writing it dripping from the tracks. The instrumentation will often go from being soft and more subdued, then building into these huge, almost “jam band” style sounds. The vocals usually crescendo with this as well, sometimes getting almost to scream from how aggressive they get. Many of the vocals though have an almost isolated sound to them where it sounds like they’re more exposed than what I’ve noticed in some of their other albums. It feels like you’re not just listening to a song that’s written by the band, but that you’re practically having a conversation with their vocalist, Cameron Boucher.

This is what I think I really like about Sorority Noise and everything I’ve heard so far: the lyrics are extremely well-written in that they feel real. A lot of bands I’ve been listening to sometimes have these cryptic, analogous lyrics that are trying really hard to be deep/just don’t make any sense at all. Sorority Noise appears to write from a place of real honesty (in all of their albums) and it shows in their lyrical content. It helps also to build a more emotional connection with the music because it feels like the band is exposing a part of themselves to the listener, it feels more personal. The best example of this is the last song on You’re Not as _________ as You Think called “New Room”, where Cam’s vocals sound almost distant, like he’s just alone in a room with a guitar and this is a recording that he sent out.

Overall, I’m really glad that I decided to check out Sorority Noise more in-depth! I think they’re really underrated when it comes to the whole “pop punk/emo” scene even though they’ve been around for a while now. My favorite tracks from them currently are Using (on Joy, Departed) or Car (You’re Not as _________ as You Think). I’ve been getting more into the style of music they make, the more indie sounding pop punk bands, and I look forward to listening to them more in the future. I think I’m going to see them in Chicago next month with Mat Kerekes and Remo Drive, so it will be exciting to see how they perform live as well.

If you love Sorority Noise, let me know what your favorite songs are by them and if you’ve never checked them out before, let me know what you think of them!

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