Track Review: Waste of Time – Early Eyes

If you’re from the Minneapolis area and haven’t checked out Early Eyes, you are seriously missing out. (Hell, if you’re from anywhere and haven’t these guys out, you need to get on it!) University of Minnesota freshmen Jake Berglove (vocals), Henry Patterson (guitar), Wyatt Fuller (drumkit), and Des Lawerence (bass), have been growing popularity exponentially, in part due to their unique sound and incredible live presence. My Wednesday track review is going to be focused on their newest release “Waste of Time”.

“Waste of Time” was released at midnight on March 24th as a taste of what is to be expected from their debut EP Minutes, set to come out sometime in early May. Even though this is one of their more laid back tracks, in my opinion, it’s still a funky little tune that represents their “jangle pop” type of alternative style. A lot of their songs, and this one in particular, is lead by Des, with a strong bass line. Where the song may lack in lyrical content, it is brought back up and driven melodically. The song is pretty consistent throughout but the build is developed through Jake’s vocals becoming more present, almost gravelly and aggressive towards the end. If I can be critical about anything in this single, the other instrumentation has something left to be desired; there isn’t a whole lot going on in the guitar and drum-kit. This track is such an easy listen though and it’s the type of song that will get stuck in your head after just one listen. I saw the band play at Triple Rock in Minneapolis last Thursday and spent the rest of the night singing “It’s just a waste of time…” over and over again while I waited for the song to drop on Spotify that night.

I’m so excited to hear the rest of Minutes and watch how this band continues to grow in the upcoming months. You can hear “Waste of Time” and other songs by Early Eyes on their Bandcamp and like their Facebook page to get updates on their upcoming shows and new releases. If you’re in the area and have the opportunity to see these guys live, you need to cash in on that and see the band where they shine the brightest.

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